Healdsburg Letters to the Editor, July 12, 2018

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From The Healdsburg Tribune – Jul 12, 2018


Equity at school district

EDITOR: We are The Healdsburg Equity Initiative, a group of stakeholders in Healdsburg made up of community members, educational professionals, district staff, parents and students committed to addressing the equity issues in the Healdsburg Unified School District.

We want to thank the board of trustees and the community at large for hearing our concerns and ideas at the June 13 meeting in which Laura Flores and other members of our group spoke. On the 13th, there was a consensus to create a Superintendent’s Equity Task Force to address the equity concerns and issues in our district.

We are excited to work together to build an effective and action-oriented task force. We believe this is a time for innovation for our community and a chance to look forward towards a positive future.

We hope that the Superintendent’s Equity Task Force will represent our student demographics, ideally being reflective of our classrooms. We envision there will be two representatives each of students, parents, district staff (both classified and certificated), community members, professional educators not affiliated with the district, and one member of the board of trustees and the new Elementary Latino Parent Outreach Coordinator.

The task force will work together to research and find an agreed upon third party to help develop an equity framework and an equity plan of action for the district.

We believe it is important for the task force to have monthly meetings as well as monthly public updates at board meetings to ensure transparency and forward progress in creating equity at our schools. We look forward to continuing positive conversations with the community and the district.

The Healdsburg Equity Initiative


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